16 October 2020
Testimonial Note

On the 24th of September 2020 (Heritage Day) we had an honour of Dining at KwantuKulture for our
traditional meal experience. On arrival we had a very warm welcome from the owners and staff. The level
of professionalism was appalling and our team members were excited to be accommodated. It was about
35 of us who attended and the food was really cultural and delicious. We had bitten our fingers a couple of
times while eating from the following exciting meals:
 Nama ya tlhogo
 Sebete
 Mogodu
 Tlkhakwana
It is with great pleasure to recommend anyone who wishes to go and Dine at KwantuKulture to not think
twice and book their spot right away. Although the place is still under construction but the vision is clear
and it is only through the support that the business will grow and automatically you become part of the
Faith Your Talent will indeed visit KwantuKulture again 

Regards With Pleasure 


Address: Unit 10, Block A23 Mohlakeng Flats, Randfontein 

1759 Tel: +27 (0) 81 058 2506